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Women Cometh!
A Monumental Revolution
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"Human destiny will certainly reveal its divine manifestation of "Women Liberation" as an inevitable and invincible ideal whose era has definitely come."

Thus Spake the 21st Century Philosopher

The new millennium is ushering into conscious being a new breed of females. They are the newly evolved daughters of an estimated 150 generations of suppressed mothers. They have inherited a DNA that is genetically coded with approximately 3000 years of passionate desire for freedom, justice and equal rights. Unlike the legacy of mothers before them, these daughters are much more intelligent, educated, independent, courageous and assertive.

The claws of Patriarchy are suffering from a charley horse caused by its age-long abusive choke hold upon feminism. Masculinity is under its own karmatic assault, afflicted by impotence of body, mind and spirit. Suppression has generated a bionic muscle in the suppressed (women), causing a cramp in the muscle of the suppressor (men). The strength of women and the weakness of men is nature’s way of reversing the odds on the gender battlefield.

Watch out! The Gender War is about to get pretty darn Ugly. "The Master’s worst nightmare is to succumb to weakness in the presence of his abused, suppressed and healthy slave; a slave who has much fantasized a reversal of role-play with a touch of sadistic passion."

Divorce is both a curse and a blessing for women. It curses them with poverty, loneliness and regret. It blesses them with the liberty to become greater human beings and escape the dehumanization of a machine called American society created by Patriarchy. Separation from men is forcing women to develop greater relationships with other women and especially with themselves. As Gloria Steinem puts it, "The revolution is within!"

Women are changing their lifestyles, along with the way they think and behave. This change is due to the destruction of their old habits of thought and behavior destroyed by divorce and separation. Change is taking place in the most critical area of our entire social structure. Sociologists call this crucial area – values. Women are changing their values. They are forced to go within themselves in order to survive emotionally and psychologically. This inner-self direction is bringing about a greater conscious awareness of the values of self-esteem, self-confidence, self-discipline, self-worth and self-consciousness. These values are inspired, motivated and objectively pursued by a potent will and a passionate desire, due to higher consciousness. Higher consciousness exalts the human mind to a spiritual level that promotes spiritual values. Spiritual values affect the human nerve system with a more dynamic meaning and sensation than material values. Material values are highly advertised goods that are used to manipulate the emotions of the masses, handcuff them to the economic wheel, bind their role as consumers and perpetuate our culture and its economy. These values direct humans in the opposite direction of their spirit. A shift in values from material to spiritual by women will send a social quake through our cultural structure immeasurable by the Richter scale. It will shock our government, paralyze our economy and castrate Patriarchy.

Roll out the red carpet, sound the trumpets and raise the flags "The New Revolution" is about to commence. Progress and Necessity is forcing the development of a greater human race, ordered by human evolution and engineered by the Infinite Mind of Intelligence. Nature will summon her baby makers to achieve the mission. The liberation of the baby makers has become the number one priority on nature’s human agenda. Intelligent thought and moral behavior will assist in implementing nature’s human agenda, and we shall all witness the invincible change toward a better way of life, so says "The New Revolution."

The break down of masculine energy is making way for the dynamic expression of feminine energy, through an evolutionary process called deutomatization. Deutomatization is the break down of an old process in order to create a new and greater process. Feminine energy will take on the necessary forms needed to implement its role in the scheme of furthering the evolution of humanity. Feminine energy will make use of both male and female forms. The female form is specially designed and more equipped to conduct the currents of feminine energy; therefore, women have become its prime selected form as a vehicle of expression.

Suppression of the female form for such a lengthy period of time is a plan of necessity in the scheme of human evolution, although the plan has forced cruelty and depression upon women. Suppression of the female form has resulted in the manifestation of an extremely potent will and passionate desire, along with a dynamic Eros and Libido in women. These dynamic human forces of energy have caused a transmutation of the female spirit, a transformation of her mind and a transfiguration of her body. Modern females are evolving into Super Women. Patriarchy has forced masculinity upon the nature of the female. The environmental trait of masculinity created conflict with the inherited trait of femininity inside the female. The conflict between the traits of masculinity and femininity generates friction and friction ignites a fire within the female. This fire has been burning from conflict toward harmony down through the ages of the female generations, creating the alchemy of masculine/feminine integration. We call this masculine/feminine integration Androgyny. Notation – The nature of women is submission. Submitting to masculinity allowed femininity to eventually merge with masculinity. The nature of masculinity is dominance. Submission goes against the grain of masculinity, therefore, men will rebel the merger with femininity.

Androgyny is equilibrium of masculine and feminine forces within the human being. It promotes the harmony of the lower self (ego) and the higher self (soul). When the ego and the soul merge harmoniously, the soul takes command of the vehicle (body) and life (energy) of the human being and exalts the human consciousness to that of the destined pattern of the soul, which is called The Law of Being by the philosophy of Nungkyyii. The Law of Being is a predestined pattern of behavior created and specially designed for each individual by the Infinite Mind of Intelligence. The soul then directs the life and body of the human being down a path of spirituality (reality of the soul). This energetic life is in frictional conflict with the opposite path of spirituality, which is the path of physical reality (materialism). The friction between the path of spiritualism and the path of materialism creates suffering, causes sacrifices and registers pain. In order to soothe the pain, comfort the suffering and accept the sacrifices, Love and Human Service are activated into intelligent expression. Suffering, service, sacrifice and love are a spiritual process of purification that raises the vibration level of atoms in the body to a frequency that creates an anti-negative shield. This dynamic shield has a resonator that reflects negative particles and negative energy as it protects the cells of the body. Becoming an Androgynous being raises the vibration frequency of the individual above the negative forces that threatens his or her health, sanity and emotional stability. Women becoming Androgynous develops a spiritual chemistry that prevents their masculine and feminine forces from clashing and causing destruction. With the male having problems submitting to his feminine nature, harmony is not achievable and he is unable to reach Androgyny; therefore, the inner conflict of masculinity and femininity turns to war and forces self-destruction upon masculinity. Women are winning "The Gender War" without confrontations with the men. Their advantage is just simply becoming greater human beings through love and harmony. In fact separation from the male avoids the contagious destruction of masculinity for women.

"Women will take leadership in the feminization of our civilization. They will take charge of the cockpit of Planetary Spaceship Earth. Women will become greater human beings, produce super offspring, and revolutionize our culture. They will alter the value system of our social structure. And women will nurture humanity to its destined stage of wellness, and help steer human destiny back on it divine course."

(The Prophecy of Nungkyyii)