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A New Sheriff in Town

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11/12/26 4:04 AM

"All the soldiers and weapons of the universe can't stop the revelation of an ideal of human necessity whose manifestation is ordained by Divine destiny and orchestrated by the Infinite Mind of Intelligence; the Supreme Architect, or God. Feminization is an Omnipotent design of evolutionary measure."


"Feminism your time has come! May crown and thrown accent your presence."

Thus Spake the 21st Century Philosopher




"A new form, force, ideal and meaning of feminism has finally arrived. Liberating the suppressed is no longer a gender burden. It has become the number one priority of the human agenda of Planetary Spaceship Earth. Its flight crew and first class passengers are humanly and morally obligated to take responsible action toward the navigation of human destiny by treating children as the necessary seedlings of our fateful journey. And acknowledge the fact that without the liberation and empowerment of women for the health, welfare and education of themselves and children, human destiny looms in doom. Nu-Feminism and its spiritual revolution won't allow such a human tragedy to take presence!"

The Philosophy of Nungkyyii

There was once a time when the activity of life distinguished the roles and duty of men and women by muscle strength and brute force. It was considered to be a so called man's world and masculinity claimed privilege. Since then modernity and human evolution has revolutionized the activity of human life and drastically changed the roles and duty of men and women. Such dynamic alterations in human behavior is permeating every aspect of our civilization and affecting the very fiber of our culture and social structure. The momentum of social change has reached an unprecedented velocity. And the so called man's world is fast becoming a yesterday phrase of masculine prowess that has no modern reality whatsoever in the world of today. Advancements in science and technology have empowered the almighty machine to such an astounding level of capability and performance that muscle strength and brute force have become practically obsolete measures of the work force. In other words, the conventional role of masculinity is being eliminated by the techno-scientific marvels of the mighty machine. Without the utility of muscle strength and brute force, masculinity has succumb to impotence and lost its dominating powers of aggression and suppression. In the meanwhile femininity is emerging from beneath the suppressive foot of masculinity as a muscle bound force to be reckoned with, which is about to ignite on the human scene like a spontaneous combustion in an oil field.

Could feminization be a natural design of evolution and a special blueprint of human destiny? If this is true, it is best that the various feminists groups relinquish their separate identities and exclusive ideals of feminism and unite in harmony and group function. Putting all their efforts, energies, and resources toward the liberation of femininity, according to divine blueprints; that is, if women are truly interested in feminine liberation. But are feminist leaders truly willing and ready to give up the spotlight and sacrifice their mainstream agendas, political scrimmages and queendoms of power, and make an about-face approach to feminine liberation? I think not! Leadership positions are identity strongholds of feminine power, egotism and esteem. Why would a woman sacrifice such a level of personal prestige for the progress of women in general? The only way a female leader could make such a sacrifice and still have enough composure to continue supporting a universal blueprint of feminism is that personal success had already been achieved long before accepting a leadership position. Truly successful women very rarely seek political power and status.

The history and character of the feminist movement has thus far been a gender oriented struggle of women against patriarchy, the injustices of masculine privilege, and the dominance of male behavior. Today's women are extremely fortunate benefactors of the suffrage and painstaking struggles of yesterday women. They are experiencing levels of power wealth and freedom today that far exceeds the women of yesterday's wildest dreams and imaginations. I dare not think that it is out of line to state that, "Today's women have more power, money, education, and liberty than they truly know what to do with. If they knew what to do with such dynamic powers of influence and resources, a feminine revolution would already be in full progress and men would be forced to drastically change their behavior and mode of relating to women."


"If modern women should ever wake up and realize that they are victims of a patriarchal conspiracy of psychology that divides and conquers; the anxiety of beauty, and their pseudo feminine identity has been successful engineered to hypnotize their minds and paralyze their spirits, they will rush to seek their true feminine identity, relinquish their religious, political, social, economical, class, race and sexual differences, and organize on a human front of single purpose. Such a successful achievement will definitely give patriarchy an acute cardiac arrest.


The women liberation movement has never really stood a fighting chance in over throwing the suppression of patriarchy, the injustices of masculine privilege and the dominance of male behavior. Aggression, suppression and dominance are not exclusive of gender. They are forces of superiority. Women are also capable of aggression, suppression and dominance if given a superior position of matriarchy. Women can't possibly defeat masculinity when its pattern of behavior is divinely orchestrated in the scheme of human evolution, nor can they win a battle when they depend upon their enemy for security and economic resources. And you certainly can't defeat an enemy that you hate and attack by day and tolerate and sleep with at night. Besides, justice isn't a prize you win; it's either a demand of might, or an act of righteousness. To win a masculine battle you have to possess masculine characteristics of aggression, ferocity and a passion for war. Women began to develop masculine traits before they even realized how aggressive the demands of power and success were. In becoming masculine and powerful, women lost consciousness of their own femininity, and focus of the original objectives of the feminist movement. Little did they know that masculinity breeds individuality and selfishness; two aggressive seeds of separatism. Separatism has splintered the feminist movement from within, dividing it into cancerous factions of bias among women. Religious women are leery of non-religious women. Thin women distance themselves from obese women. Heterosexual women aren't tolerant of homosexual women. Women of color aren't welcomed into the private circles of Caucasian women. And even lesbian women are hostile toward bisexual women. This internal cancer has proven to be the feminists' worst enemy.

As patriarchy self destructs and transforms men into irresponsible weaklings and mama's boys, masculinity has lost its aggression as a worthy opponent of the feminist revolution. The feminist revolution is neither a physical confrontation with patriarchy, nor a show down with macho men. The revolution is spiritual and must be fought on the spiritual battlefield located within the individual. The soul must be liberated from the suppression and dominance of the ego. To succeed in such a spiritual conquest, femininity must be cultivated according to its original nature within the human being both male and female, in the forms of spiritual consciousness, moral behavior and rightful living. Such a dynamic revolution has become imperative to the survival of humanity.


It is time we put to rest the entire degrading stigma that has rendered feminism as a social display of female radicalism and a critical opponent of men. We are entering a new millennium and dynamic era of humanism where the condition of humanity is so deplorable that actions of humane reparation have become a serious state of human emergency. Decadence has plagued our civilization, and dehumanization has infected our social culture. Patriarchy and masculism are the conspicuous culprits of our human crisis. Although the expressions of the masculine forces of aggression, suppression, war and dominance were necessary designs in the scheme of human evolution, their destined duties have been fulfilled. War and aggression are certainly not the resolves of our human condition. The salvation of humanity can only be accomplished by global expressions of love, peace, harmony, collaboration, unity, integration, passivity, creativity and spiritualism. These are the dynamic feminine forces of the universe. The employment of these powerful forces within our culture and civilization as a means of achieving human ideals has become the new meaning of feminism. From now on feminism is no longer a gender issue and uphill battle for women. Feminism is being declared a human issue! Women alone can not right the wrongs of a patriarchal world, nor can men alone clean up the mess they've made. Feminism is a genderless expression that demands human unity, harmony and collaboration toward the development of the individual, restoration of humanity and the navigation of human destiny.


"There's a new sheriff in town." Change is about to erupt like a pissed off volcano. Things will never be the same. Does this appear to be dramatic lines from a classic movie? Well buckle your seat belt for the inevitability of a human reality traveling at warp speed.

Allow me to introduce a new concept in feminism with new ideals of: liberating the human spirit; empowering women to achieve greater lives of health, welfare and education for themselves and children, and launching a spiritual revolution so stealth and strategic that patriarchy and masculinity won't even feel the pain.

Nu-Feminism is the new methodology of successfully addressing humanism and the deplorable crises of humanity; the ills of society, and the bewilderment of the individual.

Nu-Feminism is defined as: "The feminization of humanity as a whole; the liberation of the human spirit." Nu-Feminism is a spiritual revolution from within the human being, not an erupting change of political leadership and social paradigm by persuasive force. Nu-Feminism is a special agent of human destiny. It will prepare humanity for the quantum leap of human development and progression that suppression and dehumanization has so methodically obstructed.

Nu-Feminism will aid the process of feminization by cultivating the feminine forces of love, peace, harmony, unity, collaboration, integration, creativity and spirituality within a movement of humanism that will establish a singleness of purpose, reason and meaning of life. The purpose of human life will become the perfection of human nature through individualism. The reason of life will become the selfless service of humanity. And the meaning of life will become the pursuit and achievement of divine happiness.

"Becoming a Nu-Feminist is not a political choice. It is a moral, intelligent and righteous responsibility of being human!"

Thus Spake the 21st Century Philosopher