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The Consequential Karma of Patriarchy
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6/4/33 11:11 AM

"As the collapse of Patriarchy disappoints its suitors, jilts its lovers, and abandons its foot soldiers, leaving them all stranded with macho egos that are deprived of privilege and power, emasculation stalks these men like a ruthless and vicious predator."

The word emasculate means: to cast deprivation upon manhood; to remove the empowerment of a man's strength, possessions, authority or control; to effeminate a male's masculinity.

Patriarchy has been of tremendous disservice to its army of dominant warriors, by exalting their identity as masculine males and granting them rewarding privileges for the sake of their gender, instead of for the greatness of their character and manhood. Such declaration of power and privileges has robbed the nature of maleness of its challenges of manly development. Men have been deprived of the conditions and circumstances that would have definitely made them greater men, all for the sake of a contorted identity of masculinity and fictitious rewards of privilege. Patriarchy bestowed control as the mark of masculinity and males proudly embraced their masculine identity and began to eagerly accumulate possessions to enhance their masculine (Controlling) image. As Patriarchy controlled the lives of men and dominated their patterns of thought and behavior, men proudly paraded their imagery of masculinity in displayed forms of "my job", "my house", "my cars", "my toys", and of course, "my woman". These possessions of control and rewards of privileges blinded men of the sophisticated conspiracy of Patriarchy. The Patriarchal conspiracy was to dominate the world and everything within it, through a hierarchy of suppression. Since women were the most difficult to dominate, Patriarchy psychologically manipulated men into becoming suppressors of women and rewarded them accordingly. Suppression is a costly expression. It necessitates consistent force of energy and persistent application of human strength. To suppress an object only to benefit in power, privilege and pleasure, and not gain in a greater force of energy and expression of strength, is to be subjugated to the laws of thermodynamics. In other words, for the suppressor to hold his foot on the neck of the suppressee consistently and persistently over a long period of time, he will definitely lose strength while the suppressee gains strength. At some point in the time the suppressor will eventually become too weak to suppress and the supressee will rise.

Men are helplessly watching as women raise themselves from suppression by means of economic freedom and protection by the constitutional laws. Yesterday's suppressed women are changing the game of suppression. The only suppression that will be allowed in the new game is self-suppression. Changing the game of control changes the reality of masculinity. Some men won't accept the new rules of the game until they have lost control, respect, strength, possessions, and their manhood.

It is of absolute importance that men take specific heed to the drastic and radical changes taking place simultaneously in our social structure, our nature as humans, and particularly within women as feminine creatures and primary factors of human destiny. Men must make their emotional and psychological adaptations and adjustments to the manifestations of Feminization. They must not misconstrue the meaning of Feminization as some stigmatized, radical version of mainstream feminism and women's liberation. Feminization is the permeation of feminine energy in planetary proportion. The purpose of such radiant energy is to liberate the human spirit by attracting and energizing forms (humans) into activity and expressions that will employ the feminine forces of love, peace, harmony, unity, collaboration, integration, cultivation, creativity and spirituality. Feminization is too powerful and prevalent to fit into a paradigm of sexism, and too human to be categorized by gender. Feminization is a revolution in humanism with a new purpose, reason and meaning of life.

As men complain about the frustrations and complexity of relating to modern day women, and the bazaar patterns of their so called strange behavior, divorce and separation continues to soar. Women are discovering and encompassing glimmers of a hidden aspect of their feminine nature, or reflections of their soul. These spiritual and intuitive notions are impelling women inwardly, seeking serenity, harmonious peace and personal intimacy with their spirit. The desperate need of the love of a man is fast fading, and being replaced by serene comfort of a woman's love for her self. This revolution taking place within women is not attitudinal in cause whatsoever, nor is it male related. This is a feminine revolution by evolutionary design. As the primary factors of human destiny, women are being genetically modified to produce the next stage of evolved humans by Omnipotent design. Anthropologists, Psychologists and Neuroscientists are astounded by the discoveries of the developmental progress and newly evolved features of the female brain. Neurological science and its cutting edge technology of brain mapping and scanning imagery reveals that the female brain registers 11% less in size than the male brain, but yet, carries the same IQ level. Research has found that the female brain is a later arrival in evolution with a finer architectural design than the primitive male brain. Since women make greater use of their emotional processing centers located adjacent to the speech area of the brain, it has become sort of natural for them of link; their emotions to speech, thereby, increasing a greater quality of sensitivity and development of their feeling through communication. Men on the other hand, are emotionally linked to action, due to the primitive function of their limbic system, or better known as the reptilian brain; therefore, behavior governs the being of men more so than does women. Up until now there has been no significant reason or pressures forcing men to change their normal primitive behavior; therefore, they have maintained their ancient ways of thinking, feeling and behaving for ages, thus causing the male specie to revolve rather than evolve. The male specie hasn't evolved morally or spiritually in at least 10,000 years. The primitive behavior of men dates back to caveman days. Meanwhile, the female has encountered a constant pressure of suppression from male supremacy, which has forced evolutionary changes in the female brain design. Brain evolution in the female is transforming the female form into a greater human unit of survival than that of the male. Should our social reality crumble, women are more capable of handle emotional and psychological pressure than men. Devastating changes in our social reality is emasculating to the male not to the female.

Although smaller in size, the female brain has more grey matter than the male brain. Gray matter involves the processing of information in the brain. The right and left hemispheres of the brain are linked by a bundle of nerves called the corpus callosum, which helps the two sides communicate. Because the female uses both hemispheres of the brain more frequently than the male, the corpus callosum in the female brain is thicker than in the male brain, creating a significant difference in brain power compared to the male. The results are that the female brain is more learnable, which is beginning to register more conspicuously in schooling. Overall, the evolutionary progress of the female brain is astonishing!

As the old model of masculinity crumbles away along with the fall of its creator, Patriarchy, men have no choice but to save themselves from the awesome destruction of emasculation.

As a 21st Century Philosopher who has long seen the writings on the patriarchal wall, and as a staunch male feminist who has revolutionized my own patterns of thought, behavior and feelings, especially my forms of relating to women, I strongly advocate that all men seek a revolution within themselves, changing every aspect of their old paradigm of masculinity; face their femininity; incorporate the whole (masculine and feminine) of their being and become more human rather than more masculine; discover their soul and its destined purpose. And last but not least, every man owes it to himself to stage an all out desperate search for God and the discovery of the dynamic evidence of God's existence. Such an action plan of self salvation will help men escape the prevalence of emasculation and prevent the deprivations of their job, house, car, wife and children from devastating their lives to such extents that drives them out of control and turns them into time bombs capable of suicidal homicide, destroying themselves, family, friends and co-workers.

"When we men trade in our old models of dominating masculinity and discover a new model of self-controlling maleness we will indeed embrace our destined place and purpose in the scheme of human evolution and its present phase of Feminization!"

Thus Spake the 21stCentury Philosopher