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We live in a highly definitional society. The way we define things determines the way we utilize those things and relate to them in a value sense. This type of identity relationship with things allows ambiguity to promote deception and the manipulation of the truth. The definition of femininity has been defined and manipulated by a patriarchal system in support of its own masculine structure. Such a definition grants a privileged advantage for men and creates a tremendous disadvantage for women. What I call "Patriarchal Femininity" has been defined in such a way that causes women to accept their position as being inferior and their roles as being subservient to that of men in our society. As a result women have become domesticated and lured away from the conscious discovery of their true feminine nature and its behavior patterns of evolutionary design. A definitional society can be both a blessing and a curse. The blessing is that femininity can be redefined and given a new definition with a new identity, role and purpose. A privileged advantage for women, created by a spiritual transformation of their identity and consciousness of femininity along with its role and purpose in the scheme of human evolution, marks the manifestation of Nu-Feminism.

Nu-Feminism is in all respect a creative term to express a new concept, movement and expression of the subject and nature of femininity. Nu-feminism is defined as the feminization of humanity as a whole; it is the transformation of spirituality, the liberation of femininity and the cultivation and expression of all its feminine forces throughout the human kingdom. Nu- Feminism rises above patriarchy and steps beyond the boundaries of exclusive gender. It addresses the nature of femininity as it permeates the total existence of human nature within both the male and the female specie. Nu-Feminism will force men to address the consciousness, development and expression of their own femininity if they are to survive the decadence of patriarchy, the salvation of maleness and the reformation of masculinity.

Femininity must be liberated from the suppression of masculinity so that its nature can cause the birth of a greater stage of humanity. This feminine revolution is initiated by intelligent energy of a cosmic origin - an energy that must manifest through human consciousness if it is to be implemented by human expression. Consciousness and its exaltation to the level of spiritual activity is the key role of Nu-Feminism. Nu-Feminism teaches that true femininity is opposite to that of masculinity according to patriarchy. Aggression, suppression, dissection and competition are not constructs of the feminine nature. These masculine traits are responsible for the behavior of females and the present condition and circumstances of femininity. Since thought is the architect of behavior, and behavior is the habit of thought, Nu-Feminism initiates its movement with a new way of thinking and behaving for humans who are intelligent enough to submit to the nature of femininity and its revolutionary force of energy.

The Aquarian Age is an epoch of an approximate 26,000-year period of the zodiac. It consists of cycles of feminine and masculine energies that take turns permeating our planet. Each form of energy takes a turn of 13,000 years in reign. The feminine energy of the Aquarian Age has already reached permeation of our planet, and is now proceeding into the form of its reigning expression as a revolution of human spirituality and feminine liberation. This spiritual change within humanity is invincible to any patriarchal powers or male opposition. The spirituality of humanity and the liberation of women has become top priority of a cosmic universal agenda. The women liberation movement will witness changes in the evolution of humanity and particularly in that of women that far exceeds the visions of freedom of the movement of the past.

Masculine energy is dissipating. It has reached the end of its previous zodiac cycle of reign. Men are becoming mysteriously weak as they battle with their identity of masculinity and their crumbling roles in a self-destructive patriarchal system - forcing them to become emotionally dependent upon women. The system is applying insurmountable pressure on men to meet their roles as representatives of patriarchy. Such pressure is causing the regression of men to boys in search of women who will sympathetically mother them, comfort their pain, relieve them of their responsibility, entertain them and sexually gratify them as well. As the patriarchal system self-destructs, men are witnessing the patriarchal system destroy their lives by eliminating their roles as husband, father, breadwinner and chief of the family tribe. Mental chaos is pushing some men off the edge and forcing them into such violent behavior that a few are murdering their coworkers, family members and then themselves. Nature is a ruthless conspirator in the process of human evolution when it comes to making progressive changes. There is no affirmative action in the jungle of life. Survival is an inheritance of the strong and intelligent. It's a pitiful site when nature removes the crown from the lion's head and places it on the head of the lioness. The rules of the jungle get turned up side down. Eat or be eaten moves to a greater level of fierceness. The new jungle rules state that the lioness and her cubs are first to be fed. And if the lion has a problem with the new rules, finds it hard to adapt and winds up getting in the way, he could easily become the next meal. The lion is out numbered and over powered in a den of unified females whose behavior is governed by the authentic nature of femininity - to reproduce, nurture, love and protect their offspring. Males don't possess the gang nature that females embrace so skillfully and instinctively. Brute strength and ferocity can always be out numbered, over powered and destroyed by a matriarchy of fearlessness.

Nu-Feminism will engineer this dynamic process of feminization by raising the levels of consciousness, intelligence, discipline, standards of living, health and lifestyle of spiritual activity of all of its participants. Love, knowledge, simplicity and a mighty machine of economics will strategically master mind this humanization movement and its spiritual transformation that I call "The New Revolution."