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"If children are the most important products in the world, then who are the most important producers?" Women!!!


"Without children human extinction is an inevitability. And without women, capitalism, patriarchy and humanity would soon become abstractions."


Thus Spake the 21st Century Philosopher & Nu-Feminist


            It was a mindboggling experience to learn that the female brain possess 11% less mass then that of the male brain, yet the female brain has the same level of IQ. Women have more grey matter and use both hemispheres of the brain, making them more learnable than men. And because of their feminine nature, they choose to communicate their emotions by speech, rather than by aggressive expressions of force, causing an elimination of the reptilian sector of the brain and thereby, architecturally streamlining the brain into an organic mechanism of survival and higher standard of humanness that exceeds the male brain. Just to state a few of the distinctive characteristics of the evolutionary status of the female brain.

            What a wake-up call for any intelligent and moral male of good intentions. Such a wake-up call forced me to become a male feminist. Not necessarily in support of women, but realizing the true meaning of feminism and understanding its destined purpose in the scheme of human evolution. I can now see the visible signs of the collapse of patriarchy, and its emasculation of its foot-soldiers. Feminism offers men an opportunity of salvation of their maleness from the self-destruction of conventional masculinity by merging their masculine and feminine nature into an equilibrium of androgyny.

            To validate the fact that women are capable of possessing intelligence far greater then that of men would generate a storm of emasculation and force brute force and barbarism to be the only hopeful means by which patriarchy maintains control; therefore, it is well worthwhile for men to continue to think that they are intellectually superior to women.

            The first Standford-Binet IQ test was published by Lewis H. Terman in 1916. The test was administered to a group of students. The results showed that females at all levels outscored males of the same ages by 2 to 4% This disturbing fact forced Terman and his colleagues to change the test by removing all of the questions by which females did especially well, in a justifiable effort to create boys and girls equals. This is only an inkling of the underhandedness implemented in the continuation of male dominance and its exclusivity of privilege.

            Struggle is a forced condition of the circumstantial state of survival. Nature enforces a very ruthless and impersonal policy of selection by elimination of the weak and useless in favor of the strong and useful.

            Reward is the highest incentive in life. And Nature properly rewards all survivors. Add up all the generations of struggle by women and measure their resulting strength as survivors, then grade their usefulness as producers of the greatest product (children) on Earth. Now imagine their appropriate reward by Nature!

"The liberation of women was never meant to be a sole yoke of responsibility upon the shoulders of females. Women liberation is and always has been a manifestation of human destiny. Due to the decadence of civilization and the deplorable conditions of humanity, women must be emancipated in order to help create a new humanity."


Thus Spake the 21st Century Philosopher and Nu-Feminist